The original idea of Sundown Delay was to create a final platform (since his former band just had dissolved) from where Svante Widerström could throw the 10 songs he writes every year into the great nothingness. A one-man band would not only have non-existent issues with drop-out members. It would also mean total creative control. But it would also mean no fun. So when old friend Nanne Westerholm offered his service from behind the drums Svante of course was happy. Together they recorded “Catching Up With The Future” 2015. But as a duo they weren’t able to play live. To be considered a band they needed at least a bass-player.

They found the missing piece in Björn Ericsson and in april 2016 the EP/miniLP "Rubik's Cube Is Fighting Back" was released also on vinyl. It received great reviews and was nominated by Jack Rabid (BigTakeover magazine) as one of the best releases of the year. He also played two of the songs in his radioshow. But since original drummer Nanne Westerholm left the band in june that same year there wasn’t too much action.

Westerholm was soon replaced by Tobias Wiik. The album "Awaiting The Death of Rockn'roll" was recorded and released both digitally and on vinyl in december 2017. Unfortenly bassplayer Björn Ericsson had to leave and then there was some problems finding a permanent replacement for him. So there was low activity coming from the band in 2018 also for other secret reasons as well. But then in the summer of 2019 we found Petter Sandell and now we're fit again.


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