You have learned to smile

So that the whole world smiling back

It won’t return that smile though

If your picture’s got a crack

Life goes easy like you knew it would

And that’s because you’re looking good

You get your point across

Which earns you confidence and sway

Respect! Your aura gloss

Makes your mistakes turn out okay

And you think it’s the engine under the hood

But no, it’s ‘cause you’re looking good

And this privilege came at birth

Let’s talk ‘bout silver spoons

Vote for Ugly People Party, we can help

If you got a bad face

It’s time for the ugly people to rise

Since day number one

People always treated you well

To hang with you is fun

They buy the same rates as you sell

And you never thought about it though you should

It’s all about you looking good

BLÅ KIOSKEN (Do something about it)

Don’t like the heat but you sure as hell love the sun

You call for backup and when it comes then you’ll be gone

You are busy inventing some new problem

But are you actually gonna try to do something about it?

You come to me with problems smaller than my own

And that’s a problem and that is why your problems grow

The world around you once said please come and get me

The world around you now says go hide and die or do something about it

You turned your home into a corner of the world

Stay away from life and I know yours has been hard

You may think that it’s easy for me to say

But since you’re so sad I suggest it anyway

Do something about it


This is almost a lovesong

Got her footprints all over my back

She came in from the horizon

Cassandra took one step back

She’s barefoot even with shoes on

A true nature’s child

And since this is almost a lovesong

She melts ice with her smile

A travesty of reality when it comes to the bad aspects of life

I’m suggesting the grey-scale before the wine

And the reason before the cries

I’m anything but the tough guy

My heart of stone’s pure fear

Her glasses left on the night stand

And I burst out in tears

To look upon life through fairytale eyes brings only truth and lies

My love for you is never as strong and true

as when we’re in different rooms

My heart says all I need is you

My head says something else


I take the street with my headphones

Human faces are kept outside my safe zone

Happiness if you please

Because today I feel free as the breeze

Correcting me today would be so unfair

But then, you being fair is unicorn-rare

Catching up with the future

Still there’s no diamond ring in the world that would suit you

Take a chance on the laughter and smiles

Be prepared for all levels in life

They’re shaking hands with the devil, and then pray

Making mistakes is not for cowards I say

Let’s raise our glass to the lonely

And let us make haste to die slowly

I know we’re killing ourselves to live

Somehow we steal from ourselves to give

Tranquilizer please, make me stupid now

Because tomorrow I’ll feel sorry for myself again

I’m such a pathetic negative creep

The sun goes down as I moan and weep

And days will fade to ugliness soon

To prove that we could make it through

But why waste a few glory days waiting for doom?

Take your chance on the laughter…


Wish I could tell you that I couldn’t care less

If you choose to turn your life into a mess

Wish I could save you, but when life’s a game of chess

You’re the first eliminated pawn I guess

Too used to lose now, too hard to start to win

So the downward spiral now starts to begin

Well, to think within the framework and to stay inside the box

Has been a way for you to save yourself but now you’re blocked

From pulling curtains back for the perspectives that you lack

But you don’t care at all and I’m so fed up

Here comes reality reduced into a phrase

For the lazy man the easy answer helps

You’re not religious but you have a blind faith

In the lecturer that proves you’re someone else

Now to think within the framework…

Wish I could tell me that I’m blinded by myself

Not listening to the ideas of today

So much denial, living in the past

But I’m poisoned by the fake that they broadcast

Yeah, to think within the framework and to stay inside the box

Has been a way for me to save myself and now I’m blocked

I should pull my curtains back for the perspectives that I lack

But I don’t care that much ‘cause I’m so fed up


It’s okay for now

he said a thousand times

The way his days passed by

he left for others to decide In the end he lost his smile

and then he realized

Pouring through his hands

was something precious that others used to call life

And when nothing became everything

he finally ran away – split

Quit family and friends

became a lonely man

Quit his job

lost weight

And then changed his name to Stan

And Stan, so structured and correct

Found a way a way to straight success

I want to practice my satisfaction

Now full room-service if you please

You’re now my slave

Don’t dare to fail

Or I’ll write things you’ll hate to read

Deep inside me

There’s a trauma

Even if everything looks fine

But this job gives me opportunity

To become a real big swine – which I need so bad

It’s not okay no more

He said during the war

Against himself one night

But could he decide which wrist to slice?

Right or left or left or right?

Stan put out the light


The moonbeam fingers always held me down

First person winner never was around

I was a lesser version of myself

Now I’m back without having been away

My heart was placed inside a tiger’s cage

I stole it back despite the tiger’s rage

I swim the ocean, I climb the mountain high

I truly feel that I could never die

Put your coat on babe and fill your glass with sin

Join me on the run and watch me when I win

Feel so vital now, don’t care where I have been

I’m the full version now, I finally faded in

I was once close to being eternally turn to stone

Prevented from continue, trapped in time alone

But the giant sitting by the sea singing the blues

Taught me how to rearrange the truth

Put your coat on…


Separated from the community

In the vaults under both lock and key

I was sentenced not to be

In a gesture of humanity

And at a low cost for the society

They forced me to see, taste and feel

In a virtual reality

Between four walls on a shiny steel bed

I lived a fake life with my hijacked head

Nursed by digital luck and they were glad

That to the real world I was kind of dead

And all the moments of good times and bad times

And my loved ones dissolved in my mind

Now the void of eternity calls

From the desert that hides in my heart

‘cause the program broke down, ain’t that hard?

A break from the rule of the law

Now I’m caught in an endless fall

My wife and my kids and the stars

My friends at the Blue Lion Bar

They never existed at all


We wait in the desert with patience and greed

Horseback bandits three

Our hands on the triggers about to commit

The perfect train robbery

There’s smoke in the valley the iron horse breathes

And its’ bank draft is all that we need

And when we strike we try to spare lives

At least your daughters and wives

Since I saw you yesterday I can’t forget you

If you chose to walk all over me I would gladly let you

Give me a chance to worship you

And I’m gonna be your slaveboy too

Since I saw you yesterday I can’t forget you

We ride through the desert and over the hills

Lucky and scared and excited

The Marshall’s probably a few hours behind

And his skills are worrying our minds

A silhouette of a building a brothel and bar

And we needed to rest for the night

So we went inside, I was happy confide

I couldn’t resist if I tried

Since I saw you yesterday…

And finally came the morning sun

After a night of sounds of firing guns

But when the Marshall shot my friends

I was still tied to your bed

Paying the price

Since I saw you yesterday…


News delivered yesterday, disaster lies in wait

Don’t know ‘bout the details but it has to do with outer space

My point is Mr Misterson who wasn’t adequately sad

Compared with all the sons and daughters, friends and moms and dads

A week of scenes so heartbreaking when people closed their lives

Kisses, hugs and compliments but someone stood beside

Silent Mr Misterson just couldn’t feel that pain

He never made that level, all he had was gentle hate

Since his past is not worth rememberance

Life has made his heart a stone

He felt joy about their fear for December

How much they loved what will soon be gone

You could imagine such consequencelessness would bring the worst out of man

But amazingly much love came through believe me if you can

Surprise for Mr Misterson when someone took his hand

The sudden rush of human warmth came sadly enough far too late

Since his past…


Well Mr. Ambitious just made a point

That you can choose to be one of the winning boys

Though you’re so clever and apt anyone could do what you do – you say

It’s all about just how hard you’re prepared to work


He’s five and a disease is his new worst friend

He’s in need of a cure or his life will end

This boy has bad luck oh yeah ‘cause he knows no one who can pay for his cure

In a world of piss he needs Mr. Ambitious as his dad for sure

You were equipped from the start with the tools that you need

To open up the right doors, to get free to succeed

You could afford some humbleness

And ask yourself ‘bout the reason why people fail and lose

Anyhow, anyhow, anyhow now I know for sure

Count me out, count me out, count me out, ‘cause now I know for sure


Someone else’s’ fault you see

I always was invited just to leave

Suffer the restrictions of being free

Chased my tail but failed again

Ask for black or white while fade to grey

My not so cheerful days they slowly end

At ever faster pace

Through the years my best of friends

Moderate dreams and choices that made sense

No intention to impress

And today I smell your fair success

From being that average guy no more or less

A bohemian lifestyle for the passionate

Rejects a perfect life

A predicted life don’t go with selfishness

Tough luck, my oh my

Not until now I saw the pattern

How our footsteps on the planets playground fade

With the pace of the endless set of soul exchange

And how late it really is when it’s too late

The flesh and blood who follows up

Who fills my fading footsteps when I drop

And the woman descending from above

They’re all there is to love

A bohemian lifestyle….


The teeth of a beast chewing on guilt

Or a sculpture of loss that an angry God built

Persistent and fixed they rise from the sea

surrounded by sounds of the wind and the screams

Decided to leave, to flee from this world

To exit from life and she stuck to her plan

So her soul took off like a free bird

As her body did sink into the Sea of Japan

The cliffs of Tojinbo call, and they call for him too

At the edge of the land a retired law-man

With a bright shining heart laid lives in his hands

Patroling the cliffs, looking for those

who lost it all and made for the fall

And he talks and he pleads

He begs them to stay, to stay on his side

And he would succeed when he was the one

The only one asking them not to die

The cliffs of Tojinbo call, and they call for him too

And every year the survivors hold

A party in honour of life and in honour of love

Two hundred lives tons of gratitude

No need to ask for the invisible man from above

As a guardian of life he stands his ground

Convinces travellers with no suitcases not to leave

He collected on revived and awakened souls

Told them all to step back into the line, back in the line

A successor we need for the retired law-man

'cause people still bleed at the edge of the land

And still could be found the remains of sad men

Who threw themselves down into the Sea of Japan

The teeth of a beast chewing on guilt

Or a sculpture of loss that an angry God built

Persistent and fixed they rise from the sea

surrounded by sounds of the wind and the screams

The cliffs of Tojinbo call, and they call for him too


It took me a while, some years and tears to find out

That most of our fellow humans are good at heart

A few of us are full time jerks, nothing to do but avoid

Somewhere hides a reason, among the broken toys

But I wonder what have happened to you

Your life was built by golden days

You eat and slurp it all but still you got the cake

And you’re so fake

Your sly tittle-tattle ain’t that sly after all

Because it’s such easy math here, obviously it’s your call

And with such eagerness with which you plant the seeds of distrust

Says a lot of you and why you make me feel disgust

But I wonder what have happened to you…

I don’t understand

why you don’t understand that everyone else understands

Insert the right you in yourself and then please start to behave

To the lovers and friends that you constantly have to replace

But I wonder what have happened to you


The boredom’s never ending this close to sudden death

The pages of the Bible are used for cigarettes

A lifetime stash of tears we’ve already wept

Outside the trench in no mans land, an awful place to be

Underground is better, still a dirty misery

But if lice and rats could talk they’d said they’re pleased

Another love letter is written

Back home she keeps on counting days

Maybe it’s better being a young widow than ending up as an old maid?

And a thousand soldiers hearts scream a thousand silent cries

Trapped in their loved ones eyes

But those back home memories hurts so bad won’t fade away

Wish they’d fade away, please fade away, take me away

Luxury for Charlie, after a hundred days he learned

To put reality away, and tonight it’s Charlies turn

To sleep inside the inverted rat cage


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